5 Famous Twitch Online Casino Streamers to Follow This 2021

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Twitch, for those who didn’t know, is a video streaming platform that has since paved the way for many video content creators, more specifically for video gamers. It wasn’t long until casino players first started making their live feed onto Twitch as there is no other best place to be.

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular Singapore online casino streamers on Twitch (or at least those who are popular in the country) that deserve your follow.


Twitch Streamer 1: CasinoDaddy

First on our list is a Swedish Twitch figure with three streaming brothers. The channel mainly focuses on casino online games such as poker. The brothers are known for high-stakes gaming which is definitely thrilling and very entertaining to watch.

Apart from poker, CasinoDaddy is also known for its high-stakes playing skills on online slots. They have well over 155K followers making them one of the most followed casino players on Twitch. The brothers do live streams mostly every single day.

Simply put they are often many people’s go-to option when it comes to entertaining online gambling content.

Twitch Streamer 2: Roshtein

Roshtein is one of the most well-known gambling elites on the internet. On Twitch, this guy has more than half a million followers and well over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. Even to this day, many people never get tired of his engaging gambling content.

He has perfected honing and improving the quality of his live streams over the years since his first gambling video uploads back in 2015. Roshtein is arguably one of the most consistent figures to make non-stop entertaining online live casino Singapore content.

He loves playing slots online and people love him so much that most of his followers regularly give him Twitch donations. His character and passion for what he’s doing are what attract many people, both casino players, and casual fans onto his Twitch channel.

Twitch Streamer 3: Let’s Give it a Spin

Another Swedish online casino streamer on our list that’s worthy of your subscription or follow is Kim Hultman and his Twitch channel; Let’s Give it a Spin. It’s one of the most popular casino content creators on the platform and he mostly streams online slots.

Both CasinoDaddy and Let’s Give it a Spin is an English-speaking content creator which certainly makes the whole viewing experience a lot more interesting and fun. The thing you’ll love about Kim is that he is a gambling expert, also known to give helpful casino online tips to players of all skill levels.

Twitch Streamer 4: ClassyBeef

ClassyBeef is yet another popular online casino streamer on Twitch with many followers. In fact, they have well over 100K fans that attract thousands of viewers per stream on average. The channel involves seven casino streamers namely Lamar, Espen, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Nando, and Joe.

The casino streaming team is based in Malta, where many online casinos like hfive555 also have their main offices. While they just recently began their Twitch streaming hobbies, they have already made over 52K hours with around 6 million views. Not too shabby.

Twitch Streamer 5: Tellia Casino Streamer

Our last casino Twitch streamer is Tellia from France. This 26-year-old is primarily a live casino gamer at heart. She used to play a lot of Grand Theft Auto, a popular open-world mafia video game, but recently, she has been spending a lot of time showcasing her skills at online slots.

She currently has earned 41K followers and with her regular streaming content, this number can still hit the next follower milestone in no time. Nowadays, she mostly brands herself as an online slot content creator on Twitch, which many people fittingly like about her and her channel. 

5 Famous Twitch Online Casino Streamers to Follow This 2021
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