7 Weirdest And Most Popular Casino Gambling Superstitions

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Superstitions already existed long before gambling itself was invented. There are many rituals that people do in live casinos to either avoid bad luck or attract good luck. The superstitions vary from culture to culture also from whether it’s from the Eastern or Western side of the world.

Some of these habits have vague origins that even come from the old cultures and locals and no one even knows their true purpose exactly in gambling. Here are the several superstitions and rituals that made the weariest gambler change his habits in playing in a casino. 

Unlucky 13 

We are all acquainted with this superstition and it is very known in the Western hemisphere. Friday the 13th is widely considered a day of misfortune and death. They thought that things associated with this inauspicious date are a harbinger of bad omens. 

The number is considered unlucky in gambling too, that is why there are no 13th floors and people avoid this number in roulette. In the Asian casino royale, the number four is considered ominous because the Mandarin word for it sounds like death.


Crossing Your Legs

This is one of the gambling superstitions with vague origins. They said that crossing your legs at a casino table brings bad fortune but the exact reason is still a mystery.

Counting Your Money at the Table

It is one of the well-known superstitions in a casino, many patrons considered avoiding counting their chips until the end of every game session. The superstitions have made their way in the game of blackjack where people refrain from counting their chips.

Utilizing The Entrance in a Casino

For the Asian high rollers who lurk within the halls of the Macau playing dens, this is among the popular superstitions. This was traced back to the 90s when MGM Grand redesigned their entrance with a lion’s mouth. The gamblers now prefer to use the rear entrance instead to avoid bad luck.

Itchy Hands

In some of the Western countries, itchy hands are considered a bad omen. This belief has a very ambiguous element to it, where people consider it bad luck when your left palm itches, and it is considered good if it’s the right one.

Lending Money to Another Gambler

Besides the obvious implications about it, lending your money to another player has traverse effects on your gameplay. 

Whistling During The Game

Making noises at the gambling table is considered bad luck, this is because British sailors who whistle are harbingers of strong winds that can destroy their ships. Today it is still weird to see when someone is whistling at the casino table and it is annoying too.

Blowing on Dice 

Blowing on dice in craps is one of the popular superstitious rituals in the casino. Some people considered the scientific explanation to this about the adhesive on the dice to affect its mobility. However, the modern casinos now take care of their dice carefully and always check the quality of each before and after the gaming hours.

Wearing Red

Wearing red is popular in Asia when it comes to online gambling Singapore. They said that it is the color of prosperity and luck. Some female gamblers include red in the articles of their clothing to attract luck.

Lucky Charms for Gambling

Bringing lucky charms in the game session is very common in the casino. Some poker players even wear four-leaf clover and bronze cards in their tournaments. 

Crossing Fingers and Other Rituals

Many antics were invented to invoke good luck such as crossing fingers, tapping the table, shouting the numbers, closing the eyes when the ball lands are some of the weird rituals in gambling that people do.

There you are, the popular casino superstitions, next time you play in Hfive555 casino try one of them because it wouldn’t hurt. 

7 Weirdest And Most Popular Casino Gambling Superstitions
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