A Brief History of Baccarat


Before the game, the origins of the baccarat we know of today date back 500 years ago in Medieval Italy. For so many years, baccarat was known as the card name for noblemen. When online casinos were founded in the 90s, baccarat games became accessible to anyone.

Italian Origins

The game of baccarat was invented in Italy by a man known as Felix Falguiere or Falhuierein in the 1400s. He first names the game ‘baccara’ which means ‘zero’ in Italian this is because, in baccarat, tens and face cards were worth zero. The French alternative spelling for the game which is ‘baccarat’ was used all over the world later on.

There was an old Etruscan legend about a Vestal virgin that has to throw a nine-sided die which this game was based upon, where the result of the thrown dice will determine her destiny. She will be promoted to the glory of becoming a priestess if she threw an 8 or a 9. If she threw a 6 or 7, she was allowed to live, but she couldn’t attend any religious or cultural activities in the future. If she threw less than 6, she was exiled to the sea, where she would drown.


It’s not a good story though, however, the basic standard rules of the game of baccarat were based on the legend. Although, no one was banished today to the sea if one gets a lower than a 6 and instead they will lose the game in a live casino.

The first iteration of the game was slightly different from the game we know today in online casino Singapore. Before, the cards were dealt by four dealers, each of the players had an opportunity to be the banker, and players had the option to bet against other players on the table as well as against the house. Nowadays, there is one dealer, bets are usually placed against the house and the house is always the banker.

Transition to France and England

Derived from Italy, the popularity of baccarat transferred in France, the game was renamed Chemin de Fer. The game became a favorite of King Charles VIII and his royal retinue. For several centuries, baccarat became a popular craze amongst nobility in France.

Baccarat also made its way in the English channel. The famous novelist Ian Fleming was a known player of baccarat and one character in his novels James Bond is the world’s most famous baccarat player.

Journey to America

There was a time that baccarat has made its way into America, in particular South America and the Caribbean. Baccarat was known as Punto Banco in Cuba and it was incorporated into the Cuban culture easily. They created a version of baccarat where the players played against the house only in live casinos and not against each other, this was called American Baccarat.

In the 1950s, the Castro administration closed down the Havana casinos, this led Tommy Renzoni to bring baccarat into the Sands live casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Baccarat was not accepted by the public the way like slots and roulette did although it has remained in the shadows. The game baccarat was marketed to high rollers, hid the tables in private rooms with leather seats, and veiled within velvet curtains. The game became more and more enigmatic to the public eye.

Made Into the Online Casinos

For a very long time, the game of baccarat became available only for aristocrats and high rollers. The high betting requirements and posh rooms made it seem like it is only played like in the James Bond movies. 

Since the birth of online casinos in the 1990s, baccarat was incorporated in the online game libraries in online casinos. It became more accessible to people worldwide and in all walks of life and you can sign up in hfive5. They became much more popular though in Asian countries like live casino Singapore than in the West.

A Brief History of Baccarat
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