Real Slot Machines and Online Slots: Which Is Better?

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There is an endless debate between online casinos and live casinos – which one is better? The answer to this question varies from person to person, and there is no real answer to prove that one is better than the other because it really depends on certain aspects.

However, when it comes to individual games, the question becomes more complicated as it already has. Each game in a casino has its own world and rules that govern each game, and the advantages and disadvantages of a certain method of gaming reflects from the game’s uniqueness.

This time, I want to take the argument in one particular casino game: the slots. Slots are one of the fun and thrilling games in the casino and probably the go-to game when you happen to stumble upon a casino for the first time. Or else, a gambler friend even recommends you to try slots before you try other games into the mix.


Slots is like your chill friend in the corner: easy-going and not complicated. Slot games rely mostly on the aspect of luck, the winning combination is random and you don’t have to worry about planning your strategies before you even dive into it.

The question again resurfaces when you think about the difference between land-based slots and online casino slots. Here are some of the staggering differences between the two that might help you (or not) to choose which one works best for you.

Land-based Slots

As we all know, there is nothing better than going to an all-expense paid vacation in Las Vegas and blow every cent of your money within the Bellagio or MGM Grand casinos. 

The intoxicating luxury of velvety lounges, the smell of fine dining restaurants, the majestic halls, the visually-stunning gaming tables and well-mannered dealers. The feeling is indescribable when you walk down in the casino holding your chips and thrilled by the thought of choosing which game you will try first.

That is the thing about land-based casinos, it is always a dream of every gambler to visit Sin City at least once in their life. The sensory feeling of inserting your coin, pulling the lever, watching the reels spinning and the sound they make when you hit the jackpot. That feeling can’t be replicated by the game on your desktop or mobile screen.

However, logistically speaking, when you are planning to visit a live casino Singapore, you have to take time. Convenience is the biggest impediment of a brick-and-mortar casino, you actually have to be physically there. Sometimes, there isn’t one near where you live and you have to go somewhere far, also there might be hindrances going there.

Some casinos even have dress codes that you have to follow, unnecessary rules and a limited amount of slot games. These are some of the flaws of land-based slots.

Online Slots

As with online slot games, the main disadvantage is that you can’t replicate the feeling of playing slots in a land-based casino. 

There is a possibility that you might get bored with watching the spinning graphics on the screen of your device and couldn’t grasp the dissatisfaction that only a live slot can fulfill. There is always an adrenaline rush whenever you pull the lever and watch the coins drop in the slot machine when you align a winning combination, which can’t be translated in online slot games.

However, even though you can’t physically go to a casino, free slot games are available for you anytime you want in an online casino. You can play your game in the comfort of your home with your pajamas and you don’t have to worry about falling in line because the game is available 24/7.

Online slots also are available in different titles and themes in a wide library of games in your online casino platform. There is plenty you can choose from unlike the limited games you will find in a land-based casino.


Whether you are a gregarious person and prefer the luxury and socializing that land-based casinos bring or an introvert who likes to gamble in your flat with your PJ’s, it is really up to you. What matters is the irreplaceable fun and thrill that slot games in Hfive555 bring to us gambling fans.

Real Slot Machines and Online Slots: Which Is Better?
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