Step 1: Head over to the Hfive5 website

Head over to the Hfive5 website. You may visit the website quicker through the Hfive5 link found here. Once that you are at the homepage of the online casino website, click the red Register button located in the top right corner. It should bring you over to the registration page.

Step 2: Complete the registration page

You should now be at the registration page where you simply need to fill out all the fields with all your information. See more details below.

1. Username

Choose a username or user ID for your High 5 Casino account. The username must contain at least 5 characters.

2. Password

Enter your chosen password here. Your password should not be the same as your username. Keep your password private and do not share it with anyone at all cost.

3. Confirm Password

Simply re-enter your password. Character or letter casing should be typed exactly the same way.

4. Full Name

Enter your complete name here. Your complete name will be used for bank verification for both deposit and withdrawal purposes.

5. Select Bank Name

Click the dropdown menu to view all the available banks for use.

6. Bank Account Number

Enter your corresponding bank account number in this field.

7. Mobile Number

Enter your active mobile number here.

8. Email Address

Enter your active email address. It will be used for account notification purposes.

9. Select a Currency

Click the dropdown menu to choose between MYR or SGD. Choose your preferred currency.

10. Affiliate Code

This is completely optional. Enter your affiliate code if you have any.

11. Verify Code

Enter the randomly generated verification code seen on the left.

Step 3: Proceed with the yellow register button

You are almost there. Make sure that you have reviewed all the fields just in case you missed anything.

12. Register

Once you are done, clicking the yellow Register button at the bottom completes your registration to Hfive555. Congratulations, you are now a member. You can now enjoy all the sports betting and live casino games that the casino online site has to offer!

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