Strange Things People Do in Casinos You Might Have Seen

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As difficult to imagine, casinos are no exception when it comes to strange occurrences, whether they are caused by the players, casino employees, or perhaps, anything of the supernatural.

People don’t often get to hear a lot of these oddities as most of us are fixated on the idea that casinos, including online casino websites like high 5 casino, are only a place for glitz and glamour. Today we will be taking a look at some strange things that have occurred in some casinos that you may/may not have seen or experienced yourself.


Eating the bills

Yes. You’ve read that one right. As absurd as it may sound, there was this popular tale of a customer in a casino in Kenya, shared by a security officer who keeps a close eye on security cameras all night long. According to the officer, this customer came down to play at the roulette table.

This customer has spent a massive amount of money and lost a huge portion of it. The customer was left distraught but it actually took him some time to realize that he had just lost across two-thirds of the numbers at the table.

The customer flipped and went mad. He started running away from the table quickly grabbing all the money he laid at the roulette table before the dealer could even take it. He was cornered by security personnel but to everyone’s surprise, he immediately stuffed all the bills inside his mouth and he even tried to swallow them.

Eventually, they were able to have the customer spit out the cash. The bills were obviously wet and crumpled and they had to ask a cleaner to have the bills dry it all up using an electric fan. It is certainly one of the most bizarre live casino stories ever told.

A royal flush

Well, we are just getting things started. The next strange tale is from a person who has yet again worked behind the surveillance, but this time, everything took place in a cruise-ship casino, like that live casino Singapore on a cruise.

According to the officer, there was this woman who was sitting in front of a slot machine who have won a good amount of money, about a few thousand dollars in estimation.

Just like everyone else, we have to go and use the bathroom at some point. Naturally, she thinks that leaving her seat and her current winnings are going to be a terrible idea. People can become quite paranoid and it’s totally understandable.

What’s not understandable is the fact that she actually took a crap behind the slots instead of asking for any assistance from an attendant on the floor. She immediately went back into playing as if nothing happened. When an attendant came by to check and ask the woman, she pretended to know nothing.

Talking through the lenses

It’s only natural for players to get gloomy whenever things don’t go well at the casino table or casino online. The next story we have is something that perhaps has been somewhat a lot more common than the earlier ones. A guy was down a huge amount of money and he was stuck drinking all night albeit not to anything alcoholic.

All of a sudden, he started to mutter things and stared into the surveillance cameras. It’s as if he was talking to the security officers behind the lens. As the guy went on, he began shouting and swearing at the cameras. Acknowledging the movements of the cameras saying that they are all laughing at him.

The guy then grabbed a nearby ashtray and attempted to smash the CCTV camera with it. Of course, the security guards then came to stop him. We all know how people can get a bit paranoid sometimes and the guy certainly had a rough night.

Strange Things People Do in Casinos You Might Have Seen
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