Introduction to Online Sports Betting in Singapore

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There’s no denying that brick-and-mortar bookmakers are extremely popular. In some cases, you get to witness live football games and get to share the experience with all the sports enthusiasts around such as yourself.

Betting on the internet

Each passing year, more and more people are starting to transition into switching over to the online betting scene. And there’s plenty of reasons as to why this is the case. For the most part, one of the biggest selling points of online sports betting Wclub888 is convenience.

Betting on the internet allows for huge profitability to both the online bookie and the bettors. Online sports betting enables a wider range of bettors from different generations to enjoy their favorite sports events while making real money.


Singapore, being one of the most thriving countries in Asia, seems to be the perfect midpoint for all things gambling, including online sports betting.

Gambling in Singapore

If gambling in Singapore can be summed up using a single adjective, it has got to be “restrictive”. The government passed what’s known in the country as the Remote Gambling Act in 2014. This gambling Act prohibits any form of gambling activities such as live casino games, sports betting, or online betting.

As a result, online sports betting sites from abroad are closely and mostly impossible to make it in. Unless an exception or riling comes from either the Ministry of Home Affairs or the Parliament themselves.

Most online casino sites and online sportsbooks can offer services to the Singaporean market, albeit still risky.

The main purpose as to why the government is strictly implementing these gambling laws is to protect the locals from the abusive impact that gambling may cause, especially on minors. In 2020, the world has closed many traditional bookmakers and casinos because of the coronavirus.

It paved the way for many Singapore online casino websites and online bookmakers like HFive555 to thrive and save the entire gambling industry from crashing.

Is online sports betting legal?

No. Not entirely. The truth is, the government has granted the country two betting operators who can provide lotteries and sports betting services. These two are the Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Pools. The only downside is that they are mostly limited to only a very few selections of sports like horse racing.

Luckily, foreign online bookmakers like Hfive5 offer a wider choice of sports events, leagues, and tournaments for many different major sports from all over the world. Some online casinos and sports betting sites remain inaccessible to the locals even if they are at the legal age to gamble.

One of the most common workarounds is by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN that masks the IP address of the user so they can gain access.

How online sports betting works

Online sports betting is not as hard as you would think. It can get intimidating at first, but as long you have the basic knowledge of your favorite sports, everything can become a breeze.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the terms used in sports betting, too. This way, you will feel more comfortable placing your bets and knowing how they will work once they are placed. Many online services will have detailed definitions of terms like lines, point spread, odds, maximum bet, and more.

You can often find this information by looking up words related to betting online in a search engine and then reading articles about them. You should also check out magazines and other publications devoted to sports betting.

Mobile sports betting

Apart from betting online, did you know that you can also do this on your mobile phone? Betting on your favorite sports no longer has to be limited to desktop computers or internet browsers. Some of the online bookies are starting to introduce their dedicated mobile betting app.

Introduction to Online Sports Betting in Singapore
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